Everyone is welcome in City Beer Land!



  • Saturday Feb 11 noon to 6
    Song Meadow: Alesong Brewing and Blending Sipping Session....

    Hello neighbors to the north! We are delighted to debut the lovely Oregon based Alesong Brewing and Blending.  Friends from the brewery will be on the floor to discuss the personal inspiration behind each beer creation. Like the song, each beer is our expression, but the enjoyment and interpretation is yours. Alesong

    Lyrical offerings on draft, with bottle options available:

    • Saison du Vin’ 16
    • Rhino Suit
    • Four Brothers
    • Hop Farm
  • Saturday, February 11, 6pm
    Beer Appreciation Acres: Sante Adairius Rustic Ales Sipping Session....

    Drive the scenic route to Capitola, where the warm and welcoming Sante Adairius Rustic Ales-affectionately known as SARA-makes its home. Drawing inspiration from Belgian tradition and like-minded breweries, Sante’s collection of beers are a joy to behold. Santa Adairius celebrates the unexpected qualities a small well-tended batch of beer produces; the melded flavors of yeast, hops, and nature joining together for a unique taste.

    We are delighted to host Sante Adairius in our SFBW lineup, four years strong.  This list to gaze upon:

    • West Ashley
    • Capitola Sunset
    • Four Legs Good
    • and more….

    The lovely and exuberant Adair Paterno (co-owner) will be barside.

  • Sunday, February 12, Noon
    Fields of Grain: Cereal Sipping Session....

    Ah, the magic of grain, enjoyed throughout childhood (and in many households beyond youth) in cereal bowls from the shores of the Pacific to the Atlantic. For many adults, the love of grain advanced to a love of beer made from the finest of grains. Trevor Mattingly — Seasoned Cereal Blender — will guide guests through a historical journey of cereal that travels beyond the bowl. Your morning routine just became a little brighter and a little tastier.

    What to expect: speciality blended cereal mixes paired alongside selections of decadent ales (coffee! bourbon! chocolate!). Delicious crunchy cereal blends and ales to follow with a quickness.

  • Monday, February 13: Noon-5pm
    Malty Swamp: Barrel-aged Sipping Session....

    A continued exploration of toothsome barrel-aged ales with a study on this well loved style of beer. Unless you think decadent ales aged in spirit barrels are for sinners, this event was built for you. Bonus, most of these offerings have a boost of coffee, which is both tempting and necessary during the SFBW adventure.

  • Monday, February 13, 6pm
    We Bid You Welcome: Phantom Carriage Sipping Session....

    Children of the night, prepare to gather for a unique journey with Phantom Carriage Brewery. Hush, be still, let the flavors wash over you while the wild yeasts explore. This is Phantom Carriage, a brewery with a concentrated focus on alternate fermentations, various wild yeast varieties, and the haunting beauty wine and spirit barrels introduce to a beer. Friends of the brewery will be barside to engage.

    Sink your teeth into these offerings:

    • Tahitian Vanilla Calamityville
    • Peaches and Cream Barrel-Aged Broadacres
    • Cushing- Single Expression
    • The Eldest Oak
    • East Coast IPA
  • Tuesday, February 14 and Wednesday, February 15: Noon
    Forest of Hoppyness: IPA and Pale Ale Sipping Session....

    Walk through the forest of Humulus Lupulus, where you will delight in the pungent scent of zesty hops. Treat your taste buds to a collection of IPAs and Pale Ales on draft, with a focus on the growing popularity of New England style IPAs. Folks love to talk hop shop-floral, citrus, sticky, piney, insert your hoppy word of choice here-oh and we are here to encourage these discussions. Expect offerings on draft from the west and the east.

  • Wednesday, February 15, Noon-10pm
    House of All Stars: City Beer Alumni Sipping Session....

    Our former bartenders may have left their place behind our bar, but they never left our hearts. We’ve enjoyed the privilege of working with some of the finest in the industry, and it’s only fitting that during the great big hug of SFBW we invite our all star team of City Beer Store bartenders back to swap stories behind the sticks. The players:

    -Trafton Bean
    -Connor Casey
    -Matt Coelho
    -Alex Dupont
    -Eddie Hsu
    -John Maniquis
    -Paolo Peronne
    -Stephanie Shaner
    -Ryan Spencer
    -Craig Wathen
    -Beth Wathen
    -and Tammy….

    Plan to travel down for a visit and session with the collection of IPAs and Pale Ales pouring on draft. Bonus: In celebration of our first-rate manager Brian Spak’s birthday, there will be sugar laden treats.

  • Thursday, February 16, Noon
    Collaboration Tree: City Beer Collaboration Project Sipping Session....

    Over the course of ten years (and some change) many of our relationships with the breweries featured on our shelves turned into strong friendships, and born from these friendships is a fine collection of beer projects. These collaborative efforts have awarded us an opportunity to jointly produce a product with a brewery we admire. We are better for these experiences. Supporting one another in this industry is what keeps us humming; it’s the reason we are open today and the reason we keep pursing new and creative endeavors. Thank you friends. What you can expect: A collection of City Beer Store Collaboration Project Beers (five year anniversary, ten year anniversary, and in between) vintage and new offerings on draft.

  • Friday, February, 17 and Saturday, February 18: Noon-10pm
    Sea of Sours: Sour Sipping Session....

    We love sours, you love sours, brewers love artfully composing sours. The whim of nature combined with the whim of the brewer, blended together to create something special; sours have enjoyed a rich history with the devotion to this form of brewing continuing today. Join us for two full days of wild, tart, and funky sours of a varying degree on draft. Let’s pour some incredible beers and gather together to share our sentiments. Lively beers to behold from: Cascade, Shady Oak, Russian River, The Rare Barrel, The Lost Abbey, and more.