Goodbye Folsom Street….

It’s time to go; turn in the keys and turn off the lights. The final, final, final days of City Beer Store on Folsom Street listed below with a bonus last stand on Folsom for the believers.  Put some pants on and help us toast our home for the past 12 years.
July 23-July 25: Noon-10:00pm
July 26-28: CLOSED
Sunday, July 29:  2:00-7:00pm (last chance 
to give the bar a hug)
We would like to keep chatting with you, expect emails
to arrive fast and furious with details of our impending
move to 1148 Mission Street.  Those doors
will open mid-August buddy.
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City Beer Is Moving…..

Hello From City Beer Store!

We’re moving. Rather than write up a splashy statement with lots of exclamation points and lyrical lines, we simply want to say we’re moving and it’s exciting. This wasn’t something that we were expecting, but certain factors put us in the position where we could not longer remain on Folsom Street. But this isn’t a story about rent increases; this is a story about the next chapter in City Beer Store.

A new space will allow us to breathe fresh energy into City Beer, allow us to explore new ideas, and allow us to offer a beer experience that’s not been done before. We like to think of this next phase as a new generation of the beer store concept.

We began City Beer Store more than eleven years ago without a model. People were not familiar with a beer retail store and tasting bar dedicated strictly to beer, simply because it did not exist before. The most common question posed by customers and passers-by alike was: “What are you? A bar or a store?”. It’s how we chose our mascot the platypus: an animal that doesn’t quite fit in any category.

Our new home, it’s another chapter in that story, and here’s what we are really excited about: the fact we are staying in the neighborhood. Not just in the SOMA/Mid-Market neighborhood, but just a mere two blocks up. By staying in the place we put down roots over a decade ago, we’ll be able to continue writing our story in the best way possible, with the community that helped shape City Beer Store. The community of people who have sipped with us as neighbors, worked with us behind the bar, visitors to San Francisco, old friends, new friends, collectively they all make up the fabric of our store.

Over the next six months please help us say goodbye to our City Beer Store on Folsom, and when the doors close at 1168, help us take the same unique spirit up the street to 1148 Mission Street. Linger a little longer next time you are in town, or stop and have a beer as you shop for your weekend needs. It has been a great run on Folsom.


Beth and Craig

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Watching the Hoodies Roll In…..

Summer means many things to many people. In San Francisco it means the sun may burn bright in the morning, but come late afternoon, our iconic fog rolls in, tumbling over the city. The one essential piece of summer clothing for our unpredictable weather is our City Beer Store summer hoodie; not too hot, not too cold, just right!

Featuring a hand drawn design by John Maniquis

The specs:
American Apparel California Fleece
Black with gold lettering “City Beer Store” design on the back “CBS” on the front
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL

Available at City Beer Store or visit our online shop.  Online shop is located on the top menu.

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Drowning in Beer: SFBW 2016

The heros of SFBW this year….our staff. The good people we are lucky to have as staff woke early, worked late, performed innumerable tasks behind the scenes, dressed in costume, poured hundreds of beers, switched over dozens of kegs, mixed music, mixed cereal, scrubbed windows, scrubbed floors, and through it all they never stopped smiling. There was a genuine feel of cheer in the air, because that’s the energy together they create. They looked happy because they are happy; happy to be part of this incredible beer community, happy to taste and discuss beer with those who walk through our door, happy to hang out with each other. This crew, this City Beer Store family, these people…we are so thankful for each of you.

Sip, sip, sip,

Beth and Craig




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Music! Beer! The Mission!

It is with great excitement we announce our next project, along with two dear friends we will be taking over the iconic Mission bar and live music venue “Amnesia”. This is a golden opportunity that is rare and full of hope, and we are humbled by the legacy this gem of a spot on Valencia has created.

There will be a great many questions surrounding this new venture; rest assured we are working on all those fine details now. There is paperwork to file, people to meet, and inner workings to understand. We wholeheartedly respect the community Amnesia’s founder Shawn Magee has created; this bar is a labor of love much like our own City Beer Store. Know this, it is incredibly important to us the spirit of the Amnesia family and the Mission remain true.

Rewind back four years where our story begins. Shawn came to us with an idea for City Beer to curate a small tap menu. We loved it, bridging the art of brewing together with the art of music by selecting beers that sing in harmony with the tunes. Fast forward to April 2015 when Shawn approached us with the idea of purchasing Amnesia.

We felt gleeful, curious, frightened, and thrilled! Would we be able to command this vessel’s helm? Reflection unveiled the journey would be worth the risk. There will be a blending of these two unique communities and it makes us glow with optimism for the next phase.

We will leave you with Amnesia’s philosophy, it’s a great one to honor, and you can be sure we will:

Really, our philosophy goes like this: You’re poor, you’re rich, gay, straight, old, young, we don’t care, but however you come, come with the right attitude. Like the sign on our wall says: “BE NICE OR LEAVE- THIS IS A GROWN FOLKS ESTABLISHMENT”.

Thank you for the love and support!!!!

Sip, sip, sip….
Craig and Beth Wathen

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Thank You Kindly!

Now that the dust has settled from another excellent San Francisco Beer Week, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all those folks who shared the experience with us.  We are incredibly appreciative of all the effort that went into the planning, execution, and overall enjoyment of each Sipping Session we held at City Beer Store.

Our staff cheerfully manned the taps, the bottleshop, and the door…we are grateful for their pure gusto. To the brewers, beer ambassadors, distributors, and the San Francisco Brewers Guild-you guys nailed it-here’s a hearty pat on the back.

To the fine folks from the wide reaches of home, to the fine folks from the wide reaches of the Bay Area, your enthusiasm and dedication to all things beer is contagious.  We loved being surrounded by the energy.  The clock is ticking, and come February 2015 we’ll be ready to rally all over again with another 10-day pleasure cruise of beer.

Resting on our laurels is not our style, and you can expect a host of Sipping Sessions in the next few months.  In fact, in a blink our 8th Anniversary (that’s quite a few candles!!) will be upon us.  Back to the drawing board, back to the tanks…we’ll be in touch.

Sip, sip, sip,

Beth and Craig Wathen

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Ready, Set, Sip

Hello! If you are reading this it means our bright and shiny new City Beer Store website has been launched; color us gloriously thrilled! Many a fermented beverage has gone into the plotting and planning, and we hope you enjoy browsing the pages.

San Francisco Beer Week 2014 kicks off Friday, February 7.  The mind reels at the glorious list of activities celebrating beer during this 10-day pleasure cruise.  Our best advice for enjoying SF Beer Week:

*Stay hydrated!  If you think you’ve had enough water, have one more glass.
*Travel in pairs or packs.  Keep your fellow beer sippers close at hand.  Bonus, you’ll be able to taste a wider selection of beer with a posse.
*Use public transportation, Pedicab, Uber, Lyft, or your own two feet to travel between events.
*Step outside of your beer comfort zone and taste styles, concoctions, and recipes you might otherwise shy away from in fear.
*Talk to your bar stool neighbors; some of the folks we call our dearest are those we chatted up while enjoying a beer.
*Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!

Please swing by often to say “hello” and share a beer with our staff.  We’ll be toasting everyone daily-thanks Fairy Godmother and Godfather babysitters-and look forward to sharing the festivities with you all!

Sip, sip, sip,

Beth and Craig


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